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Install Instructions

Device Installation

In this video you can see how the ZeroMOUSE device is installed.

As tools you need a screw driver, the additionally needed USB-C cable and something for cleaning your cat flap.

App Installation

The app is available in the iOS Store and the Google Play Store in open Test mode. For iOS you have to install the official testing app of iOS "TestFlight" to get the app in this stage.


Just follow the QR-Codes to get the app. If your are on your mobile Device, click on them.


In the following video you can see how your device is taken into operation in the ZeroMOUSE APP.

Adapter Frame Installation

The adapter frame is only needed for PetSafe Microchip CatFlap and OLD SureFlap DualScan versions.

Just stick the frame from the outside of your flap to the tunnel and use the three stickers as shown on the following picture to fix the frame to the tunnel.

After that follow the normal installation instructions of ZeroMOUSE on the top of this site.

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Still need help? Get support:

If you have questions regarding the installation process you can use this form to ask for help.

Thank you for your message, we will come back to you as soon as possible.
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