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Here you can find the frequently asked questions. Feel free to give feedback if something is missing.

  • What does "limited functionality" of the preSeries version of ZeroMOUSE™ mean?
    The hardware of ZeroMOUSE™ is stable and is very unlikely to change to the series version. The software of ZeroMOUSE™ is still in developement and field testing fase. The basic functions as detection and blocking is working, but are evolving. There are for sure some bugs in the software but they are constantely fixed with your feedback. ZeroMOUSE™ has a remote upgrade functionality. If there is new software available it upgrades itself automatically.
  • Does ZeroMOUSE™ work with more then one cat?
    Yes, you can have as many cats as desired.
  • How does ZeroMOUSE™ work?
    1) ZeroMOUSE™ detects movement with its passive infrared sensor (PIR) if the cat approaches the flap. 2) When the cat enters the tunnel a active infrared light barrier (AIR) is triggered. 3) ZeroMOUSE™ takes a series of pictures (in about 40 milliseconds distance) of the cats face. 4) ZeroMOUSE™ sends these pictures to the artificial intelligence (AI) over WiFi. 5) The AI analyses the pictures and sends the result to your ZeroMOUSE. 6a) If no prey is detected by the AI, ZeroMOUSE™ does nothing, so the flap is reacting as normal. 6) If prey is detected ZeroMOUSE™ sends out an additional RFID signal. Then the flap "thinks" there is an additional foreign cat in front of the flap and does not open. The mechanismn is patented by mousebouncer GmbH.
  • Does ZeroMOUSE™ only detect mice?
    ZeroMOUSE™ detects any kind of prey. For example mice, birds, lizards, etc. But ZeroPREY would not have been a very nice name. :-)
  • Can I see the pictures ZeroMOUSE™ is taking?
    Yes, with the ZeroMOUSE™ APP you can see all events with the pictures taken.
  • Does ZeroMOUSE™ need an internet connection?
    Yes, an internet connection is required for ZeroMOUSE™ to work. ZeroMOUSE™ needs to connect to your local WiFi. The WiFi connection needs to be stable and good.
  • How can I set up ZeroMOUSE™ ?
    Go to . There you can find videos that show, how easy it is to set up ZeroMOUSE™ in under 5 minutes.
  • Which cat flaps are supported by ZeroMOUSE™ ?
    ZeroMOUSE works with the most RFID cat flaps on the market: SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap connect SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap (older version) --> needs an additional available frame extension SureFlap DualScan SureFlap Pet Flap SureFlap Pet Flap connect PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap --> needs an additional available frame extension CloserPets Microchip Cat Flap Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap
  • What do I need in addition to ZeroMOUSE™ ?
    1) You need an RFID cat flap. 2) You need a screw driver. 3) You need an USB-C cable (ZeroMOUSE™ has a female USB-C connector). It should be shorter than 2 meters. 4) You need an USB Power supply that fits your USB cable.
  • Where is ZeroMOUSE™ produced?
    We produce and assemble completely in Germany, as we think that the local work is best in quality and sustainability.
  • How can I see if ZeroMOUSE™ is working correctely?
    If you make some movement before the cat flap, ZeroMOUSE™ will quickly blink two times green. Then it is waiting for smth. to enter the tunnel. If you put in something in the tunnel it will record it and the app will show it. In some cases it will not detect a hand or smth as "cat" or "prey" and then the app will not show anything as the artificial intelligence sorts it out. Please repeat it for some times. If then still nothing is coming to your app, contact us over the support form.
  • The cat is entering through the flap but no event is showing up. Is that correct?
    There are some edge cases where an event is not recordet correctely: 1) The movement in front of the flap needs to be detectable. There needs to be some time where ZeroMOUSE™ can "see" the cat approaching the flap. The timespan is about a second. If this timespan is to short, ZeroMOUSE™ wakes up to late and cannot take correct pictures. It still records pictures, but if no face of the cat can be seen, the artificial intelligence sorts them out. So please make sure, that ZeroMOUSE™ has a chance to detect the movement of the cat in front of your flap. 2) If the cat does enter with the head very low, it is possible that ZeroMOUSE™ cannot see the face of the cat. These events are also sorted out by the artificial intelligence of ZeroMOUSE™ and not shown on the app. But: This is very very unlikely if your cat has prey in the mouth, because then the cat holds its head high so that the prey is not touching the ground.
  • My ZeroMOUSE™ is blinking green continuously. What can I do?
    If ZeroMOUSE™ is not able to connect to your WiFi, it goes back again to setup mode. In that mode it is blinking green. 1) There can be various options why ZeroMOUSE™ is not able to connect to your WiFi e.g.: 2) Your misspelled the SSID (name) of your WiFi or your password. 3) Your router blockes unknown devices. 4) Some WiFi repeaters make problems. We are on that. If there show up two WiFi in your list while setup, please try both. 5) For the setup process you need to turn on all required rights for the app. You can turn the rights off after setup again. We are not using your localization data. It needs only to be turned on to find the bluetooth signal during setup process. If the device is blinking green, you can remove the device in your app, and start the setup process once again. If WiFi is found by ZeroMOUSE™ again, it will reconnect and start working as normal.
  • The cat is leaving the home through the flap but no event is showing up. Is that correct?
    Yes. The artificial intelligence of ZeroMOUSE™ sorts the pictures of the belly of the cat out.
  • ZeroMOUSE™ is blinking red for some time and then restarting. Why?
    ZeroMOUSE™ can not do its start up routine correctely. ZeroMOUSE™ needs to be in the cat flap tunnel to start up. If it is in the tunnel and still blinks red for a long time, something is really wrong with its sensors or the camera. Please contact us in that case over the support from on the website.
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