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ZeroMOUSE - Upgrade your Cat Flap with Prey Detection.

ZeroMOUSE is an Upgrade for Cat Flaps with Mouse or Prey Detection
ZeroMOUSE: Upgrade your microchip cat flap with prey detection, artifictial intelligence, night vision, face identification. It is easy intalled on any rfid microchip cat flap.

With ZeroMOUSE prey has no chance to come into your house.

ZeroMOUSE is a sustainable upgrade for your existing RFID microchip cat flap.

Its artificial intelligence offers prey detection without having to change your cat flap. It is available for

almoust all RFID microchip cat flaps on the market.

After 5 minutes the mouse detection is ready - the process is easy,

and you do not have the risk to destroy your window or need a new door.

Get a free lifetime subscription and

160 € price reduction

for limited pre-series-version:

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