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The assembly of the pre-series has begun!

Last Friday, on January 12th, 2024, the time had finally come. The last missing component was delivered by our electronic manufacturing service (EMS) after a delay of almost a month.

Then a disillusionment:

The first visual inspection revealed that an error had been made when soldering the status LED (red and green). They had not been soldered onto the board with the correct spacing. This meant that installation in our pre-produced housings was not possible.

The positive after the first shock:

Otherwise everything was fine and the boards were produced extremely well.

After a short meeting it was decided not to send the boards back for rework, as that would take too long.

Instead, we would adapt the housings and re-manufacture them.

Consequence: All previously pre-produced housings for the bin, but little further delay.

Our customers are very important to us...

It is precisely for such topics that we currently produce the housings using 3D printing on our own industrial printers.

After adjusting the design on the CAD, it took about an hour! The first new upper shell has already been printed out. We love this new, contemporary production process.

The test assembly could now be started. The remaining components were soldered onto the board, assembled into the housing, and the camera connected.

And then the big moment came. Were the recent changes to the electronics layout successful? Did we miss something in the countless reviews?

Flash software on ZeroMOUSE, label with production data and serial number on it.

Close the cover....

Plugged in, ZeroMOUSE performs the self-test:

It works!!! I'm going crazy. :-) Popping corks. Complete euphoria. A huge milestone has been achieved.

Now we're going into assembly over the weekend with a lot of overtime so as not to cause further delays for our customers.

This is what our customers can expect soon:



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